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Welcome back to 2018 ! We've been busy planning another interesting, educational and entertaining season and looking forward to welcoming guests and members alike to see how Speakers Club really can help you grow your confidence and overcome the fear of speaking in public. Why not come along and find out - no obligation.

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When you were born, you had only two innate fears - speaking wasn't one of them. You have learned to fear speaking and many other things too. But the good news is you can un-learn the fears. Find out how - check out our section on Fear of Speaking.

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Helping people become better speakers, better presenters and better leaders.

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We are always delighted to hear from anyone with enquiries about the club. Guests are welcome to come along to club nights. There is no pressure to join and much to be learned by observation. Guests may have a go at Topics (see the Learning to Speak section) but will not be able to proceed on to the assignments until joining.

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